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3 Telltale Signs Of Malnourishment Caused By Unhealthy Cattle Feed

Being a livestock business owner puts you in direct charge of seeing to it that your animals are healthy, safe, and well fed because this is vital to the livelihood of your business. However, when cattle are the form of livestock you keep, spotting deficiencies can sometimes take a little longer simply because the animals are so large and may not be completely contained in a small area for direct observation at all times. Yet, there are still some telltale indications that can prove to you there is something wrong with the nourishment your cattle are getting from their food sources. Check out these surefire symptoms that your cattle feed is not as nutritive as it should be:

The spinal column is visible and protrudes enough that you can place your fingers between individual vertebrae. 

Some cattle breeds tend to have more prominent spinal columns than others naturally, which can make it difficult to tell if your animals are not getting the proper nutrition upon initial inspection. However, if a cow is actually malnourished, you should be able to plainly see each individual vertebrae of the spinal column. In fact, you will be able to place a finger between each one because there is a lack of fatty and muscular tissue in the area. 

Your cattle seem to be consuming more food than usual without gaining a lot of weight. 

If you are raising cattle for meat, you will be keeping close tabs on how much your animals eat because your end goal will be to feed them enough that they gain healthy pounds of lean muscle mass and fatty tissue. Unfortunately, if the feed you supply is not high enough in nutritional value and the components necessary, your cattle will grow much more slowly. Sometimes, you may notice little weight gain in spite of higher levels of food consumption. 

The livestock is generally unhealthy and prone to injury, sickness, and disease. 

Cattle can be prone to certain types of injuries, illnesses, and diseases when they do not get proper nutrition. For example, if a cow does not get enough protein in their diet to support lean muscle development in their legs, they can fall victim to strains and sprains easier. If the feed you have been giving your cattle is not providing adequate nutrition, you will likely notice widespread changes in the general health of the herd, so it is a good idea to keep good records of every illness, vet visit, and diagnosis to catch any trends. 

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